How to connect to one-click MEAN stack Mongo DB from Robomongo

July 31, 2015 8.7k views
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I've got the MEAN stack droplet one-click image up and running, and I'd like to connect to that database via Robomongo to look at it in a GUI, but Robomongo keeps giving me errors that it can't connect to the server. it doesn't even make it to the authentication stage.

I'm pointing Robomongo to <my droplet's IP>:27017, which has always worked for services like MongoLab.

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I ended up discovering that the answer is to edit your etc/mongod.conf file's bind_ip variable to include the IP of the computer you're using, or eliminate it altogether.

  • can you also post your sample robomongo configuration please?

    what will be the url to connect to mondb instance in DigitalOcean from robomongo?

    • I was able to connect using the following mongod.conf , I commented out bind_ip and uncommented port.

      # mongod.conf
      # Where to store the data.
      # Note: if you run mongodb as a non-root user (recommended) you may
      # need to create and set permissions for this directory manually,
      # e.g., if the parent directory isn't mutable by the mongodb user.
      #where to log
      port = 27017
      # Listen to local interface only. Comment out to listen on all interfaces. 
      #bind_ip =
      # Disables write-ahead journaling
      # nojournal = true
      # Enables periodic logging of CPU utilization and I/O wait
      #cpu = true
      # Turn on/off security.  Off is currently the default
      #noauth = true
      #auth = true
      # Verbose logging output.
      #verbose = true
      # Inspect all client data for validity on receipt (useful for
      # developing drivers)
      #objcheck = true
      # Enable db quota management
      #quota = true
      # Set oplogging level where n is
      #   0=off (default)
      #   1=W
      #   2=R
      #   3=both
      #   7=W+some reads
      #diaglog = 0
      # Ignore query hints
      #nohints = true
      # Enable the HTTP interface (Defaults to port 28017).
      #httpinterface = true
      # Turns off server-side scripting.  This will result in greatly limited
      # functionality
      #noscripting = true
      # Turns off table scans.  Any query that would do a table scan fails.
      #notablescan = true
      # Disable data file preallocation.
      #noprealloc = true
      # Specify .ns file size for new databases.
      # nssize = <size>
      # Replication Options
      # in replicated mongo databases, specify the replica set name here
      # maximum size in megabytes for replication operation log
      # path to a key file storing authentication info for connections
      # between replica set members

      Don't forget to restart mongod service before trying to connect:

      service mongod restart

      From robomongo I used the following connection settings:

      Connection Tab:

      Address: <VPS IP> : 27017

      SSH Tab:

      SSH Address: <VPS IP> : 22
      SSH User Name: <Username for sudo enabled user>
      SSH Auth Method: Password
      User Password: Supersecret

      • nice. its work for me if only if , inside authentication tab of robo mongo, i unchecked perform authentication. I am using robomongo 0.9 .So authentication failed for me. Otherwise it is saying authentication failure. I donot have any ssh tab. I have authentication tab.
        Where there are 4 input fields. such as Database(I give project database name), User Name(I give root user name without any '<' Or '>' ) , Password (I give root password) and Auth mechanism (I tried with both available mechanism)

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