How to copy files from one server to another droplet

December 2, 2014 28.7k views


I broke my website and now I am trying to spin a new droplet and copy the files from one droplet to another.

Can anyone let me know how I can do this?

Thanks a lot.


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It’s pretty easy. You can use scp to transfer your files over ssh.

scp -r /path/to/my/files root@

Of course you will need to replace with your new droplet’s IP and update the paths included above. This command would copy everything in /path/to/my/files to the directory /path/on/remote/droplet on the other droplet.

  • Hi Ryan,

    If I’m using another port, where can I put it into that command line?

  • To scp to a different port (2222 in this example) you can use the -P flag:

    scp -P 2222 -r /path/to/my/files root@
  • Thank you so much. Worked smoothly.

Does this also copy the mysql database?

What if the data to be transferred is around 30 GB + ? What do you suggest ? Lets say i am trying to copy from softlayer to a droplet?

Maybe a stupid question. But if I use this function it is saying. Connection refused. I am using SSH. So don’t have a root password. Does anybody know how to run the sudo scp command between servers what that?

scp -P 2222 -r -i /path/to/my/openSSH/key /path/to/my/files root@
you need to specify key of your remote droplet.
if needed use puttygen to convert your key to OpenSSH
your openSSH key should not accessible by others. example: permission 0400.


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