How to correctly set subdomain on Digital Ocean

February 10, 2015 7.5k views


It looks like I’ve got myself in a muddle. I have a website hosted with Hetzner and they currently have the zone file.

I would like to set up a subdomain.mydomain at digital ocean.

I have the virtual hosts and so on correctly set up on my droplet and have added subdomain.mydomain to my digital ocean account.

I then added a new CNAME record:

subdomain CNAME digitaloceanIP

I think that’s where I’ve gone wrong?

I havent added the @ record they provided because I’m paranoid its going to overwrite or cause a conflict with my other services. (Note to self, spend more time understanding the zone file.)

What is the correct way to set this up so that it doesnt disrupt my other services and so forth?

1 Answer

Think you just want an A record here.

CNAME will never be an ip address it will always point to an A record.

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