How to create a new "Log Command", a command to see my logs.

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Linux Commands


I’ve searched and i didn’t finf anything in support area. I’d like to creat a new command to see my server logs like “sv getlog”. To be more clear, i have a command “sv start” to start my emulator, and “sv shut” to turn it off. When i start it with sv start, it loads the server and show me all the logs, when players login, do anything i see there… So imagine that have just turned on my computer and the server ir online, the only way i have to see my logs is turning it of and then turn ir on. But i don’t wanna turn it off then on to see my logs, cause players must wait it to load emulator and turn on, got it? I just wanna creat a new command to get my logs in real time with no needing of turn my server off then on, know hwat mean ?
Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help!!

  • What type of server are you running? In order to help you to optimize your game server configuration we need to know what game you’re hosting.

  • It’s a ragnarok server, there are 3 logs that i wanna see in this new commando. When i start my server, it open this:


    I wanna see the executation of this 3 logs without needing of turn it off and then turn it on.
    Like, when i arrive home it’d already running and i need to show in my screen theses 3 logs, and i don’t wanna reboot it to see, cause plaers will be disconeted.

    Got it?

  • To clarify, you would like to have a command that will let you view your three .bat files whenever you would like to, without a reboot? Right?

  • yes, exactly that !
    Sorry for my bad english and thansk for helping !

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sv does have a status option that should give you what you want.

viewing the man page at: shows this option.

Report the current status of the service, and the appendant log service if available, to standard output.

  • Its not enough, i need to creat a sv command, cause a want it to get 3 logs, not only one, and i don’t wanna open 1 by 1. Any tutorial to criate taht command ?

    Like a “sv getlog” and it gives me, the status of 3 .exe that are running…
    any help?

    I dont have any ideia how to do that, a simple exemplo or tutorial would help a lot. thanks!!