How to create a simple website for my domain name? Is there a simple instruction without too much technical stuff?

September 17, 2019 181 views

I have a domain name and I want a simple website for it. I know how to work on wordpress in Godaddy host but I don’t know how to do this here.

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There are so many options, but here is a decent one:

Since you’re familiar with Wordpress, you can create a Wordpress droplet with the 1-Click WordPress option:

As you can see, there is some technical stuff required but nothing to in-depth to get the server running. Keep in mind it’s self-service in the areas of backups (available as a paid option at DO), redundancy and performance. There are plenty of tutorials that cover those topics here on the DO community site, some with more technical stuff than others but usually manageable.

There are many other choices, like wix or squarespace that offer the simplest interfaces for managing a basic website that are paid monthly services - you could consider those or others if you want to further limit the technical stuff.

Hope this helps, more questions welcome if you have any

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