how to create automatic failover on 8-nodes (4 stacks) across 2 datacenters ? SFO & NYC

September 13, 2016 1.7k views
High Availability Networking Ubuntu

i have HAproxy & Keepalived currently. Using the DO featured floating IP only helps with 2 stacks in the same datacenter. Cloudflare Doesn’t automatically failover, half of users will be without service if i use several DO featured floating ip’s.

1 Answer

If you’re looking to route traffic based on Geolocation then something like this might be helpful in front of your stacks. Since DO IPs are tied to a single physical location and cannot be multicast or otherwise refer to more than one location you would either need to have a single entry point (which could be a floating IP with failover handled by something like heartbeat), use a service like CloudFlare (which could be put in front of the failover / heartbeat / floating ip configuration), or use something like geoDNS to route traffic to the closest data-center, implementing failover in each DC individually.

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