How to Create Bigger Droplets in New Account

September 27, 2017 1.4k views
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With a brand new account how can I creat a large HighCPU or HighMemory droplet ?

Tickets pending for 2 days with no resolution yet!! What a Support!!!

1 Answer

Hey. Sorry for the wait. While larger droplet plans and higher droplets counts are enabled automatically over time our team does require manual verification to enable these before a longer term payment history has been established.

These requests are processed by our Trust & Safety team who handle all fraud and abuse related concerns. Unfortunately they are currently experiencing a high ticket volume and so wait times are not within the range we would consider acceptable for many users.

If you can share the ticket number included in the email sent when you opened the ticket I would be happy to personally ask the team to expedite things and get this resolved for you. If you would prefer, you can also share the number or the email address on your account with us via twitter DM or facebook messenger.

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