How to create custom Name Server for my domain?

August 15, 2019 168 views
DNS Load Balancing Kubernetes

I have managed my domain name on Ocean Digital. to ns1 and
I’m using k8s with 3 node on DO. It using Load Balance for config domain.
How to create and

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How to create and

These two look like subdomains for your domain, rather than something related to name servers.

Check out these threads where a solution is already posted,
Question: How to i add subdomain to my website?
DigitalOcean DNS How-tos

Also try to read this very similar thread, How to create subdomain in Digital Ocean DNS control Panel?, which might be what you are looking for—similar because you mentioned name servers, and I think you require subdomain.


You can follow the steps in this guide on how to create branded nameservers so that you could use them instead of the ns1/2/

Hope that this helps!

by Pablo Carranza
Learn how to create vanity or branded nameservers with your Droplets.
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