How to create rDNS (Reverse DNS)

January 15, 2016 5k views
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How to create rDNS (Reverse DNS), I am using Centos 7.0 and I need to create rDNS for 50 IP’s and domain.

Can you please guide me how can i create.

Example. - -

Thank in advance

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Hey there,

Are you using a DNS server like BIND9 or some control panel software that you’ve installed? The steps could vary based on how you’re managing the DNS records.

You can also set up reverse DNS for any droplets that you’ve created by renaming the droplet in the Control Panel. It needs to be a fully-qualified domain name ( or, like you mention, but not something like my-centos-droplet) for the reverse DNS to be created. You can only set up reverse DNS for the IP addresses that belong to one of your droplets though.

—Nicholas C.
Platform Support Specialist

  • Hello, I am not using BIND9 and Any other Software. This is first time for me with rDNS.

    I have installed Centos 7, can you please provide any software or Command from where i can register a rDNS for my all ips and domains.

    Can also provide me some information about BIND9 and where i can get that.

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