How To Create Vanity or Branded Nameservers

May 26, 2014 3k views
I've used a tutorial. But I have problem. I using VirtualMin for host managing. I tried to work correctly and step by step with this tutorial. The main domain it was ok and up. But when I hosted any new domain, It's not correct on DNSs. Tutorial: The main domain is: The other hosted domain is: Use this for checking DNSs: The name server's main domain( on droplet(VPS) is: A @ A WWW.SAMAC.IR. A NS1.SAMAC.IR. A NS2.SAMAC.IR. A NS3.SAMAC.IR. NS NS1.SAMAC.IR. NS NS2.SAMAC.IR. NS NS3.SAMAC.IR. The name server's main domain ( on my registrar is: NS1.SAMAC.IR. NS2.SAMAC.IR. NS3.SAMAC.IR. The name server's other domain ( on my registrar is: NS1.SAMAC.IR. NS2.SAMAC.IR. Could you please help me to solve this big problem (for me)? Thanks a lot.
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Hi Saman!

Perhaps you just needed to wait for the DNS records to propagate? Both domains seem to resolve correctly for me. Let us know if you're still having issues!
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