How to Create WordPress Subdirectory on Same Droplet { Installed LEMP }

April 7, 2019 208 views
WordPress Ubuntu 18.04


I'm running a WordPress Website i.e. I want to install another wordpress (sub-directory) look like -

Please Guide me, How to do that.

I have already installed WordPress and running website following LEMP with ubuntu 18.04.

Please Help me...

1 Answer


You would need to do a few things:

  • After that upload your wordpress installation files to the subdirectory in question
  • Create a MySQL database and a MySQL user
  • Update your server block and specify the location of your new wordpress site
  • After the change to the Nginx file make sure that the syntax is ok with the nginx -t command and restart nginx: systemctl restart nginx
  • Then visit the subdirectory via your browser and complete the Wordpress installation

You can follow this step by step guide on how to do that here:

Hope that this helps!

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