How to deal with Fraudulent DMCA Takedown notice?

March 14, 2019 378 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu

Someone copied our content and filed a DMCA takedown notice against us. I received an email saying my account could be terminated within 3 days.
I responded to the case immediately about filing a counter-notice but still haven't received any response from DigitalOcean. I hosted many important websites on this droplet and don't want them all to be affected.
Could you please check out and let me know what I should do now? Will you close accounts automatically without further notice?
The ticket number is #3822042

2 Answers

Hey friend!

If you've filed the appropriate counter notice, you have performed your duty correctly. If our Trust & Safety team is unable to get back to you quickly, rest assured they will not be terminating your account without reviewing your response first. I can confirm that your counter notice was received and that it is in their queue to be reviewed as soon as they handle the items before it.


I am waiting for the response. I want to know what will happen if after the statutory 10 day period, they file the same DMCA notice. Will I have to take down my content and file a counter notice again?

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