how to debug the Discourse server's failure to send email

September 13, 2017 1k views
Email Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04

I am trying to find out why is my just instantiated Discourse server failing to send email to the initial registered user that the installation completed successfully. The email address I am trying to receive the message about successful Discourse installatation is receiving emails from different sources just fine. so it must be that Discourse server's email configuration that is defined as

  DISCOURSE_SMTP_PASSWORD: "c2bab563-b7fb-428c-bbfa-f97853e2c03b"

Note that I changed the password to preserve privacy and that the above settings are taken from my elasticmail account.

Once Discourse server installation task invoked by ./discourse-setup successfully finishes, I can access the server via browser, at which time, I need to specify the email address where the server will send the "verification email".

That email never arrives.

Since I have only (PuTTY) console attached to my droplet, I do not have good ideas how to debug this.

1 Answer

If this is a new Droplet, it could be that SMTP outbound traffic is disabled to prevent spam. You can use telnet to check is it working. I'm not sure about exact command, but I believe the following one should work:

  • telnet 2525

If it works, than port is open so it's not a problem. In that case make sure you configured everything correctly.
If it doesn't work, you should contact support to allow SMTP outbound traffic for your Droplet/account.

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