How to deploy a spring boot rest webservice app into a droplet ?

September 1, 2017 6.3k views
Java API Ubuntu 16.04

I have a spring boot webservice rest API thats currently working on my development machine. How do i deploy into a droplet either graphically or through any command line (CLI). Does digital ocean cloud service support Cloud Foundry ? I was wondering if i can do cf-push a war/jar. Any sort of pointers or directions would be of great help.Looking forward to a direction.

2 Answers

The simplest answer would be to install the tomcat server on your droplet.

Once the tomcat server is installed and running then navigate to the manager module by typing http://{YOUR_PUBLIC_IP}/manager/ or by clicking on the link present on the home page of the tomcat.

Scroll down below and there you will see an option to deploy the war file. Simply, upload the war file package of your spring boot web service and it should work.

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