How to deploy Django application with nginx and gunicorn in jenkins ?

December 21, 2016 2.5k views
Deployment Django

I am using jenkins to deploy Django application .In my jenkins “Execute shell” I am using “gunicorn appname.wsgi:application –bind=serverip:port” to deploy ,and “sudo service nginx restart"to restart the nginx. But because of the "gunicorn bind” command build is taking more than 2days. I have tried “gunicorn appname.wsgi:application –bind=serverip:port –daemon” which is not working in jenkins “execute shell” and “sudo service nginx restart” is also not working .Please help !!

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This blog post provides a good step by step on automating this type of deployment with jenkins.

Are you seeing anything in your build logs when things lag for 2 days? Obviously that wouldn’t be the expected result so something must be running into a problem and reviewing the logs and output would be the first step in tracking it down.

when you use “gunicorn –bind” command the the output terminal keep on showing the process .So its taking time .

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