How to deploy Django application with nginx and gunicorn in jenkins ?

December 21, 2016 2.4k views
Deployment Django

I am using jenkins to deploy Django application .In my jenkins "Execute shell" I am using "gunicorn appname.wsgi:application --bind=serverip:port" to deploy ,and "sudo service nginx restart"to restart the nginx. But because of the "gunicorn bind" command build is taking more than 2days. I have tried "gunicorn appname.wsgi:application --bind=serverip:port --daemon" which is not working in jenkins "execute shell" and "sudo service nginx restart" is also not working .Please help !!

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This blog post provides a good step by step on automating this type of deployment with jenkins.

Are you seeing anything in your build logs when things lag for 2 days? Obviously that wouldn't be the expected result so something must be running into a problem and reviewing the logs and output would be the first step in tracking it down.

when you use "gunicorn --bind" command the the output terminal keep on showing the process .So its taking time .

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