how to deploy golang program in production

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how to deploy golang program in production

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Great question. Some quick googling has found this article which looks very helpful on the topic:

  • Answering any question with “some quick googling” is extremely insulting. You’re implying that the questioner has never even heard of google.

You could use a tool like OpsCaptain to deploy golang apps to your droplet. Simply connect your droplet and then download the opscaptain cli and then run [opscaptain deploy] to deploy your go apps to your server. You can also create MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases using opscaptain on your droplet. Backups are also supported. OpsCaptain allows you to deploy apps written in any language on your droplet. Learn more here:

With golang its very easy to deploy an app.Infact you don’t need any tool .Following this tutorial save me alot of time How to deploy golang application to digital ocean step by step

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