How to disable the MOTD after One-click installing WordPress ?

September 30, 2014 4.1k views

I have already installed WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04 and it work well.
However, everytime when I log on the VPS, it will show a MOTD as below:
"These instructions are stored in /root/WORDPRESS for your review.
To finish installing Wordpress, navigate to your droplet's IP: and use credentials from below.

Your /wp-admin is protected by Apache using .htaccess credentials:
I Do Not want see it any more. I check the files in /update-motd.d, there is no infomation about WordPress.
So how to disable the MOTD?

2 Answers

The last line of the file /root/.bashrc should be:

cat /root/WORDPRESS

Simply remove or comment out that line.

This tutorial explains how to remove the MOTD

Let me know if you have any other questions

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