How to download .opvn file from server to local computer's desktop.

November 25, 2015 4.3k views

I am trying to set-up a VPN on a Ubuntu 12.0.4 instance and have followed the simple install script ( Now the next step is to download the .opvn file that has been created on the server, to local computer. How do I do this?
I know this is pretty simple thing to do, but I just cannot get the scp command to work.

I installed the script through PuTTy and can see the .opvn file sitting on the server after running the script.

Thank you for your help.

1 Answer


The easiest way to download the file(s) would be to use SFTP. You can use programs such as FileZilla or WinSCP to login using SFTP. Both support SSH Keys (FileZilla uses PuTTy's PPK format for keys), so you're not limited to logging in as root with a password (as this should be disabled -- using SSH keys should be a priority).

SCP is nice if you're only interested in working from the CLI, though I find that when it comes to file uploads and downloads, unless I'm dealing with large files, I prefer to use FileZilla.



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