How to download the files and folders in my droplet from the console ?

May 5, 2015 12k views
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My droplet has been locked by digitalocean I got console action wire a link that has been sent to me. I need to download my website files and folders. I can access and view the files through the console. How to download them to my local computer

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If you are a windows user I suggest you to install FTP server on your droplet, if you use Linux on your computer you can use rsync.

Hello, pc2402.
The easiest way to transfer files from a remote Droplet to your computer is certainly using a SFTP connection.
You should use a FTP/SFTP client, like FileZilla (download here).

On FileZilla:

  1. FileSite Manager;
  2. Click on the New Site button;
  3. Insert your server's data (Host = IP; you can leave the Port blank if you're using the default one) and choose SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol as used Protocol;
  4. Choose Normal or Ask for password as Logon Type, then insert your username (root by default) and your password;
  5. Save your configuration using the OK button.
  • If i access the Droplet using SSH-key, and i am not created any password to access the droplet. Then how can i connect to droplet through FileZilla?(To transfer files)

DO NOT click the Filezilla link above - it is a virus!

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