How to easily edit multiple Apache .conf files?

September 19, 2019 118 views
Apache Configuration Management


I need to reconfigure a few (sub-) domains and really would like to avoid editing these virtual host .conf files with sudo nano (it’s unworkable for me).

But when editing these .conf files locally, Filezilla fails to upload them with permission issues.

My question: is there an easier / more workable way to edit .conf files then nano?

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Hi @dizid,

I’ll recommend using VIM however if you are unfamiliar with it, it might prove more of a challenge than just using nano.

Regarding Filezilla, I’ll suggest checking the user using to connect via FTP and what permissions it has.

Kind regards,

  • Thank you Kalin.

    VIM was not really what i was looking for. I hope to find something simple and easy, like Notepad, that works on the VM.

    I was not aware the Filezilla has users, as i use SSH to login with Filezilla.

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