How to enable gzip on Digitalocean Spaces?

August 27, 2019 360 views
DigitalOcean CDN Ubuntu 18.04

I recently setup a Spaces CDN and have been trying to compress some static assets like JS and CSS. I’m able to set these assets meta to Content-Encoding: gzip but they don’t ultimately get compressed. Am I missing something? Is this unsupported?

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This has been discussed before, but from what I know, gzip compression is not fully supported on the Spaces CDN. This is most likely off to ensure the most compatability of end users who pull resources from the CDN. Even though most browsers across many devices support gzip.

You can also open a ticket wit their support team and they can fully explain if gzip compression is switched off or just some static content is compressed by default or if they’re using something else on their end.

Let us know how it goes.


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