How to enable remote access

January 22, 2015 2.5k views

So when I was setting my server up with LAMP and Ubuntu I was going through the setup and I disabled remote access. Which I need to connect with file zilla to upload files. So, how do I reanable it?

1 Answer

Even if you disable your ssh service you will still be able to access your droplet via the web console in the control panel. From there you can re-enable ssh in order to connect via Filezilla.

  • What would I do to re-enable it? Like command wise? enable? Or something else?

  • You should just need to change back the values in /etc/ssh/sshdconfig that you modified in order to disable it. If you did not make any changes to your sshdconfig you may just need to restart your ssh server with:

    service ssh restart
  • Thanks a lot, it is now working.

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