How to enable root?

January 31, 2018 846 views

Hey i am kind of new to digitalocean and PUTTY.

so i want to ask how do i enable ROOT?

i dont know how to access

can somebody help

2 Answers

This article describes how you would use Putty, a common Windows SSH client, to access your Linux virtual private server:

I'd also recommend these two articles for getting up to speed with the Linux environment and working with text files on the command line:

Hope that helps!

by Saleh Salem
This tutorial will allow you to log Into a VPS with Putty (Windows Users).

thanks for the answer

but it still dont answer my question "how to enable root login" i dont know how to do it?
I dont know how to get access to it
and the article didnt help me

it just said login as root but i cant because its denied
and i dont know how to enable it.
i dont know how to get access to the console to enable ROOT

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