How to execute wordpress instance migration seamlessly (Droplet: Ubuntu 20.04 - OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress)

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Hey guys,

I’m just trying to figure out what are the remaining steps for a graceful transition between my old web host and my new droplet.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Setup my droplet to target my subdomain (
    • Also used Certbot automatic setup at when I first launched the server to issue certificates for this subdomain.
  • Copied my Wordpress DB and files.
  • Updated config files and php.ini.
  • Tested that everything works fine through
  • Installed OLS plugin on the new Wordpress instance and setup everything

So that’s the base setup. Now I began the migration but after struggling with certbot, I had no choice to stop for today ( Error creating new order :: too many failed authorizations recently: ). I’d like for everything to go well tomorrow then I try again.

I seem to be lost when it comes to make sure my droplet is ready for the main domain name (leaving for just

I never used certbot before this droplet. Never setup a web server beforehand to be honest. Moving from a CPanel installation that will stay alive on the other host just because it’s cheaper than a licence and my emails are using CPanel forwarding features.

So what I done so far (all on the droplet):

  • Changed home and siteurl in wp_options in the DB for instead of
  • Added listeners for and to my OLS admin panel (edited the ones already there for and just added the two domain names above).
  • Edited my Domain Registrar A Record for to point to my droplet IP’s address.
  • Ran certbot certonly, specifying “Places files in webroot” (which is the same and only webroot as, /var/www/html/). Specified the domain name a few times, kept failing, so I specified the domain names, and it gave me the “Expand certificate” option, which I selected. Finally got the “Too many failed authorizations” error which is where I’m at now.

For the time being I changed back my A Record for my main domain name back to my old web host since I’m having about 100 concurrent visitors all the time…

I really need the switch to be seamless and the certificate thing fixed. Any tips for tomorrow ? Anything I forget ? Thanks in advance for your help.

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You probably just hit the certbot rate limit due to frequent requests, please add --dry-run parameter when you are doing certbot test.

Here’s an no interactive example when you want to expand the domain.

certbot certonly --non-interactive --agree-tos -m --webroot -w /var/www/html/ -d -d -d --expand --dry-run

Once you see output like below, then you can run the certbot command again without --dry-run

 - The dry run was successful.

Remember to restart the web server to reload certificate.

service lsws restart

If challenge failed again, please share the output here.

Hope it helps.

  • Thank you very much @eleu. It seems like the certificate was the only thing I needed for everything to work smoothly… and now it does ! The --dry-run parameter really helped me a lot to debug things out.

    Have a great day!