How to export large mysql database from digitalocean cloud server into DigitalOcean Managed Databases?

Posted September 20, 2020 1.3k views
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Hi. There is a local mysql database on a cloud server with a size of 52GB+
How do I export it to DigitalOcean Managed Databases?

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Hi there @vlladoffwork,

I would usually use one of the tools listed on the MySQL website for exporting databases. I would usually default to the mysqldump tool here:

Example usage:

  • mysqldump -h your_host -u your_user -p your_db_name > db-name.sql

However, for some extra performance I might sometimes use mysqlpump instead:

The syntax is quite similar:

  • mysqlpump -h your_host -u your_user -p your_db_name > db-name.sql

Once you have the databased exported into a .sql file, you can import it with the mysql command into your Managed MySQL cluster.


  • mysql -h your_host -u your_user -p your_db_name < db-name.sql

Hope that this helps!

  • Hi! Thx for answer. There is one problem. Records are actively added to the database. Dumping exporting and importing will take n time during which I will lose some of the data

    • Hi there @vlladoffwork,

      One way to avoid data inconsistency is to do the following:

      • Set your current database server to read-only or put your application/website in a maintenance mode.
      • Create a backup of your database.
      • Import the backup to your new database server.
      • Update your website configuration to point to the new database server.
      • Finally Verify that the database is functioning as expected.

      Before scheduling the downtime, I could suggest doing a test run with export and import and timing the whole process, that way you will then be able to know exactly how long of a maintenance window you should schedule.

      Hope that this helps!