How to find the cause of my CentOS 7 woes – networking and more won't start

July 14, 2018 530 views
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I tried doing my usual yum updates and they failed with a "killed". I then followed a series of steps to try to recover this. After I finally got yum happy, I rebooted the server, only to find it uncontactable.

So far I have managed to access the DO-Console, but even that appears to be behaving badly. What I've discovered so far is network and logind at least are failed. Apache and MariaDB appear fine – just none of it can be accessed because networking is down!

I have tried further reboots to no avail. Same problems. I tried starting network and it has been hung there for many minutes now.


1 Answer

I eventually discovered after booting to Recovery ISO and running fsck – which reported NO errors – that the subsequent reboot was normal. All up and running. Phew!

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