How to fix Internal Server Error 500 Phpmyadmin

April 22, 2014 20.7k views
How to fix Internal Server Error 500 Phpmyadmin Hello all, I want to ask, I have problem : internal server error 500 phpmyadmin. when I run, " / phpmyadmin" no problem, but when logged on using your username and password, the problem occurred: Internal server error 500. How to fix this problem ? I use Ubuntu 10.04 x32. Thanks you
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What webserver are you using? Can you please post your webserver error.log?
I do not know. hahaha.
I'm still a beginner,

Sianios Marinos, do you know how to reinstall all? Iwill try it
Hi Dewa,

If you can describe the steps you took, we'd probably be better able to help you. If you just want to start over, I'd suggest following this tutorial:
by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial covers installing phpMyAdmin on a LAMP stack. Additionally it includes the steps on how to secure it with the .htaccess file. phpMyAdmin is an free web software to work with MySQL on the web—it provides a convenient visual front end to the MySQL capabilities.
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