How to fix smtp error 452 in ubuntu server

May 7, 2016 1.5k views
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Hello guys
I wonder if you can give me a hand with this issue, I have a droplet with ubuntu server, I'm using mail server with RoundCube web mail, every time I send more than 1000 mails I get the following message:

An Error Ocurred
SMTP error (452): Failed to add recipient
(4.5.3 Error: too many recipients).

Right I have to send a email with less than 1000 address.
there is anything I can do?, How to fix this error ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

1 Answer

Hi @novac,

This should be pretty easy to fix. Could you tell us a little more about the server, and it's configured mail system, as well as the client you're using to send the messages?

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