How to gain access to droplet with a disabled networking interface?

Posted June 20, 2017 3.6k views


this morning I found out that my droplet was hacked. Digital Ocean took the liberty to disable the network interface, effectively blocking my access to the droplet. While I appreciate the necessity of that, it basically means I lost the ability to do anything.

In the message they sent me, they provided a link to access the droplet via a web console. The link is not working, but when I click on the “more” button on the overview page and select the access console, I get a login screen. Problem with that is that I don’t have a root password, as it is secured by an ssh-key.

So. How can I regain access to my droplet? I can’t even access my backups anymore. Any help is appreciated, I am a bit in limbo here…

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3 answers

Reset the root password, it’s right under the “Launch Console” button.

  • Well, I would like to, but I am not given that option (the entire control panel now only consists of a link to the support page and the message that my droplet is locked).

    • Then you will have to discuss that in the support ticket.

      • I am trying, but no response whatsoever. It’s a catch 22 at present. But thanks for your answer

        • Unless you’ve waited over 48 hours, you can’t say “no response whatsoever”.

          • Right. In what universe if 48 hrs response time for a server lock that they themselve imposed acceptable? If they did not do this, the problem would have been solved hours ago.

            Again, I understand it, but they should have procedures in place to enable me to fix this problem, instead of creating a mess I can’t get out of myself. And I can’t explain “within 48 hours” to my customers, nor can anybody else.

            Luckily this site does not host much critical stuff, but I really have to reconsider relocating some of my other droplets, as they do, and I would be in serious trouble if the same happened to these.

            Allowing that “reset password” command would have fixed almost everything.
            Instead, I’ve got nothing, which is pretty darn frustrating.

          • I’d recommend focusing on implementing redundancy and not getting hacked.

          • Right. I can’t even get to the backups, for which I was paying.

DO did the same shit to me too…
since 1 month I trying to solve..
the idiots are sending shitty links but no solution…

there is no backup access ( I am paying for this), there is no networking.
They are still charging me !!!

DO is bullshit