How to generate a client side certification

January 22, 2015 1.9k views


I would like to create client side ssl certification autorisation on certains page of my website.
I already have "normal" ssl on my server.
It's certified by godaddy, and working great. Godaddy gave me a gd_bundle.crt and a other .crt file, not totally sure on how, but after a lots of try, I did managed to create a .pem file and a .key file.
Thoses two file are on my haproxy. On my other server I use unsigned ssl since they only communicate between themself.

I would like to know, how do I from those file, create a pkcs12 file, and if possible one different pkcs12 file for each user, and do I use the haproxy ssl file (certified by godaddy) or the web server ssl file (uncertified)?

Thank you

Ps. All my server are on debian and my webserver are on apache2

1 Answer

Messy, no idea why you want to do that, is not how SSL is suppose to work, but maybe you want to check this

  • Why ssl is not suposed to work like that when every single browser (even ie) have this option?

  • Ok maybe I miss read, reading too many posts so.. you want to use this for authentication?

    here is a small tutorial and here, but not from godaddy, yet the process is the same.

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