How to get DigitalOcean Sticker?

April 17, 2015 7.1k views
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Hi there,

As a big fan and customer of DigitalOcean, I'd like to have DigitalOcean sticker on my macbook.

Anyone know where I could buy? I usually buy from but I can't find DigitalOcean in market

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No need to buy them, we'll send you some for free! Just complete the form here and we'll get them out to you.

i sent an email to on 21 of May 2016 for asking to become some stickers. I send this because i ordered this with form 3 times ago. But i don't received a mail till yet :-(

Is this a problem to send this stickers to switzerland?
thank you so much!

  • The same for me Chris, I ordered them a while back and received them today. I completely forgot they were meant to be coming!

    Oh well, super happy they're here, which is your favorite? :P

  • I ordered stickers well over a year ago and never got them.

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