How to get into Rails console on App Platform

Posted May 11, 2021 657 views
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I have a Rails app deployed to Digitalocean App Platform but I cannot see a way to access to the rails console. If I go to “Console” on the web page and execute the console command the output is an error:

integer 2558122467 too big to convert to `int' (RangeError)

How do I access rails console for an app on App Platform? This is a deal breaker for me to not to use this service.

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  • I’m also having this issue. It seems to be related to the ffi gem. If I remove the gem that has ffi as a dependency, I can access rails console.

    Are you using this gem as well?

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Hello @beydogan

You can try to run the following command in the console to start it:

rails c -e p

If the issue persists then please feel free to contact support.


  • Hello @dikshith thanks for the reply.

    I’ve just tried that and it doesn’t work, still the same error.

    RAILS_ENV is “production” anyways in the console so it is not needed to set environment explicitly.


I have the same issue while trying to launch any rails command. Have you found a workaround ?



  • No I’ve spent more than necessary time on this and couldn’t find a solution. I’ve ended up stop using the app platform.

    • @beydogan ok.

      Maybe @dikshith has a solution for this bug ?

      It’s impossible to run any rails command.

      But, rails command do work in a job component (rails migration for exemple), any idea of what is happening on the worker and web service components ?

      Perhaps an issue with ffi ?

      I might end up by using an other PaaS if I can’t solve this bug as well…

      • Hey @beydogan and @adrilef

        I reached out to one of our engineering team members and got some insights into this issue. It’s not FFI issue directly. FFI just lets you include C libraries into ruby.

        The user “patMantaRay” has reported this issue here [1] and we did found a workaround for him. In their case, they have a gem that seems broken when the open file limit is set very high/unlimited.

        Please note this may or may not help in your use case, since FFI is pretty widely used. Errors in those third-party C libraries often look to users like errors in FFI because the ruby stack trace stops in FFI code, even though the actual bug is in the C library.