How to get my domain name to resolve to my WordPress install?

July 10, 2013 6.4k views
I created a droplet using the default Wordpress on Ubuntu 12.10. When the droplet was created I was given an ip address for the droplet. I then went into godaddy and assigned the digitalocean dns servers to my domain name and they now resolve properly. The problem: For some reason when I type in my domain name it takes me to my server 'It works' page instead of my WordPress install. When I type in my digital ocean ip address I am taken to the WordPress install just fine. So what do I change and where, to make it so that my domain name will resolve over to my WordPress install instead of the 'It Works' Ubuntu page?
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well I stopped the server and restarted it and sure enough,, now it works. Go figure..
It could be a DNS propagation issue, as DNS usually takes a few hours to propagate across the world.
Ok having the same issue but i rebooted already and issue is still present

What web server are you using?
Adroidpimp, please follow these instructions for properly creating a Wordpress droplet:

You have to either:

1) destroy and recreate your droplet
or 2) edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/filename (where filename is the other file that is not called 000-default).
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