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Posted October 27, 2020 480 views

Pretty simple use case. I’m building an HTML page that uses npm during build.

When I try and upload this to my S3 instance, it fails as symlinks aren’t supported.

So I spun up a node.js instance (assuming that’s what I need for node_modules) here but I have no idea how to upload my files? Can someone please point me in the right direction? I’m really new to all of this stuff.


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Hi there @MatthewBibby,

There are a couple of ways you could use to upload your files to your server:

  • Push your project to GitHub and then use the git clone command to clone the project on your server. You can follow the steps here on how to push your project to GitHub:

  • You can use SFTP to upload your files directly to the server rather than going through GitHub:

I would recommend using GitHub, that way you will have your project stored in there as well and you will be able to track your changes.

Another option would be to try out the new DigitalOcean App platform:

That way you will not have to manage the servers yourself.


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Thanks for the quick and helpful response Bobby.

Am I correct in saying that I need to do this first?

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Bless you Bobby, you’ve just saved me hours of frustration.

Really appreciate it mate.

Using the App platform, I installed a fork of the sample project. It worked fine. But there was no way to change the repo (just the branch), so I tried to install my stuff using the same approach but keep failing due to a ‘Deploy Error: Non-Zero Exit Code’.

Any idea what that’s about? I tried upgrading my plan to have more resources (thinking it was a memory issue) but that made no difference.