How to get support to unlock my account?

May 14, 2018 788 views

I set up a Digital Ocean account and droplet last week to host a wordpress site. My account got locked at some point over the weekend which consequently brought down my website. I did not receive any notification or email of when or why my account was locked. I have been trying to reach support by submitting tickets and there has not been any response.

Does anyone know if there is another way to reach support other then submitting a ticket? And if that is not possible then is there a way to get an export of my files and db so I can move them to another platform?

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Similar thing happened to me. Had a $10 credit to join DO so thought I would give it a shot for my new app. Went to go setup the server today and my account is locked. Very frustrating. Submitted a support ticket and no reply… Also no notification or email as to why my account was locked over the weekend. Glad I didn’t get as deep as you. Think I’ll give a try instead. Best of luck to you!

Same thing happened to me, found out my account was locked on saturday. So I opened a support ticket, they did respond in about 30 hours. Saying that my account has been locked because I needed to verify myself with a picture of my ID. So I immediately did that, that was 2 days ago. But I have not received any reply, still locked. And i really need that data bad..The thing I noticed too, was that there were so much complains about this issue. I mean why ask for verification after few days of use, suddenly locking the user out of the account . If they reallly want you to verify, why don’t they just ask this when you sign up? ticket #1647347

Did you knock support team?

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