How to get Wordpress as landing page, after install of PhPBB #.1.x Forums?

December 27, 2015 2.4k views
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I have followed tutorials here on many occasions, to install WordPress, PhPBB 3.1.x forums, etc.

I have just completed the install of PhPBB 3.1.x and find that it has become my landing page.

I orginally followed instructions from WordPress on modifying the htaccess file in order to make WordPress my landing page.

How do I restore WordPress as the landing page for my server/site.

What modifications to PhPBB 3.1.x and/or WordPress will be needed.

I fear that modifying the .htaccess file for WordPress alone will somehow make teh forum un-accessible

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

2 Answers

It sounds as though you installed WordPress and PHPBB in the same directory. This will most likely not work properly at all. You will need to install phpbb in a subdirectory rather than over Wordpress.

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