Hi every body

I use cload fleayer CDN for my site seo optimize in googl

i am new webmaster

some time i have problem with Cload fleyr and i want to change or use to anoter CDN company

my site refer to detector or فلزیاب

plese link me new CDN Company for better than cload fleyer.


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Sorry but can you phrase again your question with a correct and well spelled English? Anyway, if your question is the one of your title "How to get in Google's top 10" then there are only few tricks.

1) You pay Google and any other search engine in order to appear more in the top with a certain research. In your case the name of your website.

2) Your website needs more visit and references from other website in order to increase the page ranking.

But again, I did not get completely your body question. If you rephrase it, and think before you type maybe I can help you more :)

  • Hi
    Tank you "mazzespazze" ..
    my question body mean is this:

    I want to set in top 10 goole list when surfers google aboute فلزیاب or گلد اسکن string.

    this is so important for me .

    I does ths setting :

    1 - register my site in goole & bing webmaster tools.
    2- optimize my website load speead and check it via GTMETRIX.
    3.install seo plugins and get helpe from yoast seo

    and anoter ways.

    im tired for gogle result.
    avery search i see defrent location from my site !

    whay ? what i do ?
    plese help me.


Cloudflare is the top CDN which i know and i am using it since many years for all of my and client's websites.

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