How to have multiple mounting points to a block storage?

March 3, 2019 349 views
Block Storage Storage Ubuntu 16.04

I understand that I can create a block storage volume and attach it a droplet. I can then run a set of commands which DigitalOcean provides me upon creation of my volume to mount a folder in /mnt/my_mounted_folder to the storage volume. But that's just a single mounting point, ie, one folder, though.

What if I have multiple mounting points for my block storage volume?

In my case, I've multiple folders that I'm considering to mount to a block storage volume. So, I might have a few folders from different places which I want to mount to the volume. For instance, I may have /mnt/db1_data, /mnt/db2_data, /home/app/some_upload_folder and /usr/other_data that I want to mount to a storage volume. All these folders reside on the same droplet instance.

In this case, how can I mount all of these folders to the storage volume in their own folders?

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Alternatively, what's is the best practices for a situation like the one I'm having?

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