How to have own nameserver using Digital Ocean's own nameserver

Posted February 22, 2013 17.4k views
I read from here,, that you can have your own nameserver using DO's nameserver. How do I set this particularly in Centos 6.3 / Ubuntu 12.04? If i use my fancy nameserver with DO's IPs, can I delete the DNS entries in the DO dashboard or do I have to keep them so that the nameservers will resolve? I'm a new to this DNS thing really, please excuse me. Thanks.

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The easiest way to set this up would be to create an A & NS entry for each nameserver, branded to your domain. We'll use as the domain for the purpose of getting this setup. You'd simply need to change to your domain name.

The IP's listed below are the actual IP's for DigitalOceans nameservers, in order, so you won't need to change them.

First, we'll create/add the A entries:

ns1 » A »

ns2 » A »

ns3 » A »

Next we'll create/add the NS entries: » NS » » NS » » NS »

That'll get you setup and allow you to use the branded nameservers while using DigitalOceans IP's. If you're using a barebones system (no Control Panel), there's a bit more required to get things working (i.e you'll need NSD or BIND to intercept the requests). If you are using a control panel, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk, then you'll be able to add the nameservers and IP's through the GUI.
Hi @Jonathan

Will your example also work on zpanel? I can't seem to make it work. Thanks!
What about the DNS records in the DO dashboard? Can i delete them after following the steps you enumerated? Or must I still keep them?

I guess I've already done everything but yesterday when I did a trace on the IP assigned to my vps, it still showed i'm hosted on DO. The article linked above clearly requested/suggested that we have some "protection" or anonymity as far as nameservers are concerned. Then it was marked as completed. If the request/suggestion was granted/completed, why is it that my IP still shows DO's? I'm really new to this so please excuse me.

Thanks much for the answers.
1. You can delete DO's NS records, leaving on your's.

2. You just need to update "" from register's DNS settings. Changing from


Sorry for the typo....

"from register's DNS settings"

meant to be

"from your domain register's DNS settings (godaddy, namecheap, etc.)"
I'm using godaddy, I have "Nameserver not registered." error.
Here are screenshots;

Any Help ?
Did not work for me too
You will have to set up glue records for ns1, ns2, and ns3. at your domain registrar:

First, we'll create/add the A entries:
ns1 » A »
ns2 » A »
ns3 » A »

Are these IPs still current/correct?
@Pablo: The IPs were changed a while ago:

» dig +short {ns1,ns2,ns3}
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