How to have your own nameservers

May 15, 2014 2.3k views
I was reading this article : How To Create Vanity or Branded Nameservers with DigitalOcean Cloud Servers but I don't think I understand it when I add a domain in DigitalOcean > DNS, I am asked to enter the following : for the name server, is it possible to set up a MainDomain with custom name servers: (ex: so if I add another domain, the person can enter the MainDomain name servers instead of DigitalOcean name servers? hope the question is clear, I have been reading so many articles about this but can't get this working thanks
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I think I understood what you want. You can either use Digital Ocean DNS or set up your own.
If you are hosting some websites and you want your own DNS server you can. You will need two DNS server the master and the slave. Follow the guide here to see how to.
by Travis
This article will show you how to setup and configure the BIND DNS Server on CentOS 6.
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