How to host a Microsoft .net core website?

June 9, 2016 15.8k views
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Somebody please give me a tutorial in hosting a .net core website and accessing it via a url. since i am beginer in linux, i find it very hard to follow using the documentation given in microsoft.

I could run a dotnet application in droplet i created, i want to host it now.
please give a tutorial, I am out of luck with the documentation from microsoft.

thanks :)

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@fizmhdwork: had you any luck hosting Core in digital ocean?
how does it memory consumption behave?

would you please share your experience here?


Yes, please post an updated article on this topic I really want to see it.
We don't want the PowerShell Digital Ocean Server, we want a troughly guided article on how to set up a linux server with .net core and nginx forexample to host multiple sites professionally.

For @fizmhdwork or anyone still experiencing failure hosting ASP.NET Core on DigitalOcean, I already successfully did it and wrote a tutorial about it here on my personal blog.

It specifically on how to run ASP.NET Core with MySQL database on Ubuntu 16.04. Hope this will help.


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