How to Host two games on single droplet

September 10, 2017 2k views
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I made a single Game for two platforms one for pc and another for android, so i want to host my two games in one droplet, is it possibe?
(windows user)

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  • i made a unity game and successfully hosted with one droplet ip address (with unity default port number) and i want to host another game with same ip address(droplet) how? i dont want to create another droplet, how multiple game servers use single droplet?
    how to use single droplet to host multiple games?

You’re going to face a few challenges if you try to simply run a second node app and host it on your server. Btw, this has very little to do with Digital Ocean, if at all.

The biggest challenge you’ll face is that you can’t have both apps listening on port 80, only one app wins. So unless you want users to see a different port number as part of the URL (I doubt that’s the case), you’ll need to look at setting up a reverse proxy of some kind. This can be achieved with Apache or nginx for example. This way both domains can point to the same public IP, both node apps can listen on different ports, and the reverse proxy takes care of routing requests to each one based on the hostname requested.

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