How to import or export nagios host Data from command line

February 12, 2015 10.7k views

This might be a basic question for some of you but being a beginner i wanted to know how to export or import data of the current status(CPU, Memory, Diskspace etc) of the host from command line into a CSV/JSON/XML format. THis is to provide daily reports in a readable format to our management team. Below is brief of what we are running,

We have a nagios server in the backend and we are using Icinga on the frontend to see host status, graphs etc. On the Icinga when i check the current status of the host i do see an option to "Export to CSV" in the browser but i wanted to get this data from the command line so i can automate this process for multiple hosts. Is there a way to simply run some commands and download the current status of a host(Windows or Linux) from command line?

Thanks and any help will be much appreciated!

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  • Just wanted to add the command i am using to give a clearer view of my problem,

    curl -o test/test2 -u user:password

    In the above URL is the Icinga server and using the above URL i am trying to download data of host This works but its downloading data of all the hosts currently running on Icinga. I only need data specific to the host and not for all the hosts on the Icinga server.

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My Icinga instance seems to have a slightly different path, but this works as expected for me:

curl -u user:pass ""

The quotes around the URL are important. Looks like that might be what you are missing.

For more info on exporting data from Icinga, check out this wiki entry on their site.

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