How to improve OpenVPN performance?

August 21, 2019 134 views
VPN Ubuntu 18.04

Hi everyone, I have created an OpenVPN Access Server droplet in Singapore. It is set up and working.

After some very promising initial testing, where I got transfer speeds of 20Mbit/s over SFTP between VPN clients, this has slowed down to only 2Mbit/s or so.

I have contacted Digital Ocean support, and they recommended I perform a speed test by following the instructions on this web page:

I have performed this test several times, and my average download speed is 4309Mbit/s and my average upload speed is 1858Mbit/s, so it looks like there is plenty of bandwidth there.

Can anyone help me improve my transfer speeds? I have the graphs to prove that 20Mbit/s is possible, and this would be ideal for my needs.


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