How to improve website performance

May 5, 2015 2.9k views
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Can someone please advice what exactly I need to improve in order improve the performance of my website?

I use Wordpress with LAMP on Ubuntu 12.04 (VPS) behind CloudFlare (free) proxy.

Here is my website analysis image!

Please note, this includes a force redirect to HTTPS from HTTP through CloudFlare page rules.

2 Answers

Have you considered running any caching plug in of WordPress ??

Yes. I started using W3Total with CloudFlare enabled. It improved the performance phenomenally however, still the "wait" time from server is high.

From an earlier "mean" load time of 9s has come down to 4s
From an earlier server response time of 0.8s has come down to 0.6s

It seems Apache being the known "laggy" devil, is not able to handle the traffic.

I'm going left-right & up-down to optimize it. Any suggestion in this direction would be really helpful!

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