How to increase storage of a running sftp server on droplets

October 21, 2019 123 views
Block Storage Ubuntu

I am running a sftp server on a droplet. I need to increase the storage space in the server. I see that there is a option to attach a Block Storage volume to the droplet. But after doing the auto mount/format etc.. I don’t see the extra volume when I try “df -h .” - Do I need to restart the server to see the volume?
Also once the volume is visible - how do I set it up such that the new incoming files into the sftp are stored in the block storage?

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Hello, @techsprintai

Did you added an entry to the /etc/fstab file as well, because if you reboot the server and there is no additional entry for the block storage the mount point will not be available.

You can also share with us what have you done so far in order to have a better view on the case.

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