How to increase the space of my disk / dev / vda1 that is 100%

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Hello, good morning, I have a 25GB space droplet, I have a Vesta CP server, my disk space / dev / vda1 is 99% because the mail server contains a lot of space, I just bought a 50GB volume and I followed the instructions to mount it in / dev / sda, and it has actually been mounted but I have a problem, the disk / dev / vda1 is full and my mail server shuts down, I would like to know how I can mount the 50GB in / dev / vda1 or how could I do so that the data of my mail server goes to / dev / sda. Greetings.

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/vda1 25G 24G 473M 99% /
/dev/sda 50G 52M 47G 1% /mnt/volumen_syrsac

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  • I have a 50GB space droplet

    My disk is almost full. I attach the 5g volume but it shows 49g not increased disk space. how to increase disk space. plz, help.

    /dev/vda1 is 49g usage 91%
    /dev/sda usage just 3% /mnt/volumeblr101

    how to increase disk space /dev/vda1. plz, help.

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You’ll need to symlink your email folder to /mnt/volumen_syrsac. Here’s how

1. Locate the folder you want to move to /mnt/volumen_syrsac (ex: /var/spool/exim)

2. Shutdown your mail server (ex: service exim stop)

3. mv /var/spool/exim /mnt/volumen_syrsac/

4. ln -s /mnt/volumen_syrsac/exim /var/spool/exim

5. service exim start


  • Hello, thank you for replying, I did the test but I think I configured it wrong and what I got was moving the post folder to the new section but the new emails were created in the usual partition, I explain to you what I would like, and if you could support me with the commands to do it:
    The post folder is the following:
    I would like to move it to / mnt / my new volume /

    This folder /home/admin/mail/ stores all created emails and this is the main cause of my droplet being 100% on disk.

    I thank you in advance.


    • Can you provide a screen shot of the error(s) you received from those steps I outlined earlier?


    • Hi, thanks for answering, I told you what happened.

      I did the steps mentioned above, my folder where the emails are stored is /home/admin/mail/mydomain, when performing the steps, the whole folder was moved to /mtn/volumen _ syrsac/mydomain, so that in /home/admin/email, the folder mydomain was deleted, I added the symbolic link and tried accessing an email, when checking the inbox there was no mail, everything was empty, when I verified the route /home/admin /mail/ I could see that the folder mydomain had been created and it only contained the new messages that had been sent at that moment, so I had to return the folder /mnt/volumen _ syrsac/mydoman to its previous path /home/admin/mail/because the mail server did not read the path from /mtn/volumen _ syrsac/mydomain.

      I hope to have been explanatory, any questions you tell me.
      Thank you.

      • So the symlink step is what’s not working since /home/admin/mail/mydomain is missing. Could you repeat the steps and then screen shot the terminal window up to and including the symlink step. Run ls -altr on /home/admin/mail/ so we can see if the symlink is valid.


        • Thanks, I followed the steps again and this time I did the symbolic link correctly, now I have the emails in the new volume.
          Thanks again, regards.