how to insert avi file to webpage

November 22, 2014 2.7k views

I have installed LAMP using your tut but with great help from userbmichelsen

I tried to play a avi file from my index page using the code:-

<embed src=“http://localhost/srv/http/file.avi”></embed>

The play appears in the webpage but nothing plays, I think its something to do with the path.

Please could someone advise me, I have trying to setup my own webserver in house would be very grateful if someone could please help.
many thanks Lindu2

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  • Playing video over the web is a tricky business:

    *different browsers support different formats, so you have to be ready to have multiple formats of the same video in place
    *streaming the video can take up a lot of bandwidth

    the most practical solution is to use a service like Youtube or Vimeo to upload your videos to…they handle all of the streaming, formats, etc.

    Then you just get that embed link and put that in your web-page and do not have to worry about it.

    I prefer Vimeo because they have additional privacy settings to choose from, and you can upgrade to pro version for a fair yearly fee. The pro version gives you a ton of features, like customizing the interface and such.

    But Youtube works just fine as well..if you dont mind google owning your video

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Its not a big video its just a 5 second file made with blender, this is a learning curve for me, I understand different browse, different file format, so let just start with IE, and could you tell me please if you are hosting on your LAMP server what the path I should use for src= ???? can you help on this and thanks for the quick reply much apreciated

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