How to Install and Configure VNC on Ubuntu 16.04

Posted February 12, 2018 5k views
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Hello everyone! Please if somebody can help with ubuntu/puffy config. I followed this tut : First time when I installed with Tightvnc server it was ok..then I distroyed that dropplet and created another. On this new one I can’t finalize the instalation. Doesn’t connect to VNC server. Gave me different errors like: Address already in use; Could not request local forwarding. I made the ssh/tunnel settings (5901 ;, I tried different ports but still can’t work it out..:(

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I had to change the below line -
ssh -L 5901: -N -f -l username serveripaddress

It didn’t work for me but

ssh -L 8080: -N -f -l username serveripaddress

works great with

  • Hi! Thanks, it worked!! Unfortunatelly another bug appeared, after restarting vncserver gave me the error : Job for vnc server.service failed because a configured resource limit was exceeded.. Any idea how can I fix this? Thank you so mych!

The trick is, when you started vncserver, in the result you will see something like below.

New ‘X’ desktop is test-vk-ubuntu-server-01:3

You see that last number after colon? It could be 1 or 2 or 3. If you say this number is X, then then port you should try is 5900+X. So when you do ssh, your command would be as below trying 5900+3=5903 port, if X is 3.

ssh -L 5903: -N -f -l test-vk-user-01

And the command prompt simply exits ssh. Now you could go to vnc client, and connect. I used tight vnc, where I used localhost::5903 and it asked for vnc pw (which we create in a step as in the tutorial), and boom, it connected.