How to install and set up Squirrel/Roundcube webmail

Posted January 28, 2013 21.5k views
I'm having trouble installing either of these webmail clients. Can you help me out please? Thanks

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We can certainly help you troubleshoot the issues you're having just paste the command line output and we're you are getting stuck and we can help guide you in the right direction.
I don't have any output. I just want a way to set up one of these two programs using a fake email
I know I can install this apt-get install sendmail-bin but don't know what more to do.
Doesn't seem like it's necessary to do so, if you set it up with a fake email it wont function as an MTA since no mail would be delivered to it.
And what should I do?
I just want to use it to do some testing while I'm developing,
It would depend on the specifics of what you are setting up, but if you are going to go through all of the trouble to install a full MTA and also webmail on top of it, that's quite a bit of work.

In most cases if you are testing email it's easier to use sendmail CLI for outbound and then if you need some sort of inbound processing that would depend on the specifics of what you're looking to setup.
What I'm coding is a contact form, a newsletter feature and a email activation registration.
Well at least for the newsletter I have to test if I'm able to send emails, tho the registered dummies.
For that you can easily use the /usr/bin/sendmail to send out emails you do not need an MTA or anything else as all of the heavy lifting is done on the remote side.
but how to make it work?
I know how to install but not the rest
You guys could make a simple tutorial to teach us noobs how to set up that :P
We've got a couple in the articles section for Postfix but setting up an MTA from scratch is quite a pain, so be ready for a few hours of troubleshooting even with a tutorial to guide you. =]
using the sendmail?
I'm looking for a easy way to do it. this is just for fun so the less painful the better
Yes, just use the command line binary to send out going email:

/usr/sbin/sendmail and most languages are well integrated for that to send out bound email with some simple wrappers or libraries.
If I simply install that i can send mail right away? or I still need to change something in the php.ini file?
I think by default php.ini will be setup to use that so you can try it and it should most likely work.
I'm not on linux now but will try it later.
Just one last question. When I send an email I have to send it to someone. How do I know who to send it to?
Well that would depend on your application or what you are coding.

Since you mentioned its a contact form you would grab their name from the passed parameters to the form of their email and then send the email there.
Forget my last post, I was not thinking right, of course I have to use their email address to send somthing to them. what a silly question.

What I want to know if for example, a dummy account registers with a mail, for example
Since its a dummy account I need to check its email inbox to see if the mail arrived. Or I still have to use a valid gmail/hotmail whatever account to check if the mail was successfuly sent?
That's what I meant in my last question.
That's usually handled by sending out a verification email with a hashed URL that the user will click on to verify their account.

If they don't do that you can time out their account and delete it depending on how your application is setup.

For this you also would not need a full blown MTA on your server.
Either way I still need to fo through the pain of creating a MTA right?
is there any good tut here for Ubuntu/Mint on how to make it?
Hello everyone, I'm with ubuntu server 12.04 + vesta panel, I am unable to send or receive email via webmail when I send an email it returns, and when someone tries to send me an email giving as if the address does not exist.
Would you like some help from you guys.

thank you very much
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